“Dear Friend…”

This past week I was finally able to sit down and watch my Masters’ recital from this past April!

Here is a song from one of my favorite roles to sing, Amalia Balash in Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock’s She Loves Me:

“The Voice Foundation Symposium ’17”

This past weekend I was able to attend an annual meeting of the top voice professionals in the world (which also happens to be 5 blocks away from my apartment). Each year I find myself understanding more and more of the incredible human voice. This field is ever changing and every growing – and as a professional voice user and teacher -it is important for me to continue to grow and learn right along with my students.

Looking forward to next year!

“NYU Graduation Day(s)!”

I haven’t posted for a while mainly because there are many exciting things happening in my life right now. Two weeks ago, I graduated from NYU with a Master in Music degree in Musical Theatre Vocal Performance along with an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy. Two graduations – one at Radio City (which I had to walk across the stage) and the other at Yankee Stadium.

There are exciting announcements for upcoming projects for this summer into fall, but my next big project is getting married to my best friend next week!

“Dear Friend…”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been incredibly busy with auditions, finishing up my semester, and rehearsals! Today and tomorrow I have the privilege of being in two good friends’ graduate recitals.

Today I am in Jan Bastel’s Recital in his character study of She Loves Me as Amalia. Not only is Amalia a dream role of mine, but Jan is my dream Georg.

Today at 4:30 pm in the NYU Black Box at Press Hall.