“Another Openin’ Another Show!”

After opening and closing the beautiful A Fable For The Living last night…

I am excited to announce my next project: Return of the Phantom: A New Musical as Christine u/s and Ensemble member at Broadway Theatre of Pitman, one of my favorite places to perform.

Rehearsals start on Tuesday – but you can already snag your tickets here. 

Dates: October 27 – November 19


“It’s here!”

Come interact with me!

Today’s the day!

From 6-10pm, on every hour we will reset and do this amazing show for you. And admission is free!

Located at Little Berlin (2430 Coral St.) – hope to see you there!  xo

“A Fable for the Living, Sat. Sept. 16 ongoing from 6pm-10pm”

It is the week of the show y’all!

This cast has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with, we are all having a blast creating this world for you to come enjoy. It’s also been nice to go back to my roots and sing a little opera.

The performance is this Saturday, September 16 from 6pm-10pm. We will be performing the show 4 times in a row, resetting on the hour (6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm). 


Located at Little Berlin (2430 Coral St. – 5 min. walk off of the El)



“Total Eclipse of the Heart”

As I sit here trying to make a viewfinder to use an hour from now (along with a tiny dog because I am dog sitting), I’m playing some sweet 80’s ballads. I know that this joke is old, but this song is so good!

Enjoy the eclipse today, friends!