Spiriting Shakespeare at Laurel Hill – 

“…Julia Kershetsky gives Helena some sweet fire indeed.”

Short-lived “Stage Door” Shines At Newtown Arts 

“Playing the leading lady was the very talented Julia Kershetsky…”

“Watching Kershetsky’s controlled and excellent portrayal of Terry Randall was a pleasure.”

Bloodshed, Boobs, and Brouhaha at the Beach: A Review of Touch Me Philly Productions’ Psycho Beach Party

“Julia Kershetsky playing Marvel Ann is simply a knockout, does not wipe-out, and rides a wave of conceit and revelry straight into our hearts.”

KOPP’s Fiddler on the Roof Brings Audiences to Their Feet!

“Julia’s singing in “Far From the Home I Love” defies dry eyes.” -Lisa Panzer, Stage Magazine

“Fiddler” Earns an Opening Night Standing Ovation

“I knew nothing of Julia Kershetsky (Hodel) whose spectacular singing voice alone is worth the price of admission.”

“There are some amazing performers in this production. At the top of that list are the women who play Tevye’s three oldest daughters, Tzeitel (Becca Schiel), Hodel (Julia Kershetsky) and Chava (Jesse O’Brien).  As the father of three daughters myself I thought they captured their relationships with their siblings, and their parents perfectly. The essence of those relationships are constant whether it’s revolutionary Russia or modern America.” -Bob Byrne, The Patch

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